From as little as £15  for a one off lawn treatment, we can apply professional lawncare products safely, taking away the risk of scorching your lawn or damaging plants and ponds with improper application rates of fertilisers and weed killers.


We will also take the back ache out of scarifying your lawn with a lawn rake and aerating your lawn with a garden fork by using our professional quality machines. Completing a professional job in a fraction of the time. Saving you money and allowing you time just to enjoy your garden.



Our lawn treatment package offers you 4 treatments a year,  to combat weed infestations and to ensure healthy  grass growth with the application of fertilisers and systemic weed killers.
Our customers can pay for individual treatments or sign up for an annual maintenance package. Which can be tailored to suit you. It can incorporate everything from lawn treatments to scarification, aeration, mowing, and garden maintenance.


Every customer and garden is different and our professional recommendations will ensure that your garden will be looking at its best.


Spring Treatment

After the long winter months your lawn will need making ready for the coming year. At this time of year we apply a specially coated fertiliser which encourages lush top growth and a dense sward.  It is also time to target the weeds which have stayed in the lawn over winter. The spring is also a great time of year to aerate (hollow tine) the soil after winter compactions of snow and wet ground and to scarify out remaining moss and debris. Re-seeding and top dressing can also be undertaken at spring time.


Early Summer Treatment

Any remaining weeds will be sprayed and the lawn given a nutrient boost prior to the drier summer months ahead.



Summer Treatment

The garden will be drier at this time of year so its time for a specially coated slow release fertiliser which won't scorch the grass due to a lack of moisture but will keep it looking green and maximise any available moisture
Autumn/Winter Treatment
At this time of year we need to keep the root systems of the lawn strong and healthy to help the grass get through the winter. we need to apply a specially formulated fertiliser containing less Nitrogen and more Potassium and Phosphates for increased root development.
Please refer to the sub-headings at the top left for more information regarding our other lawn treatment services. SCARIFYING,  HOLLOW TINE AERATING, PEST AND DISEASE CONTROL.


Contact us today and we will arrange a visit and gladly advise you on treating your lawn and garden.