Hollow Core Aerating

If your lawns are covered in moss and have patchy uneven grass growth, your lawn will need hollow core aerating. A  large number of lawn problems are caused by sub surface growing conditions. Moss for example loves to grow in damp poorly drained conditions.


The hollow coreing machine inserts spikes into the ground at regular intervals which remove tiny plugs of soil. These plugs can either be composted or broken up and redispered over your lawn using a rotary lawn mower.


Whats left is tiny holes over your lawn which allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn resulting in healthier growth and a better appearance.


Compaction can  cause many problems and a hollow coreing machine alleviates this better than a spiker because when a spike from a machine or garden fork is inserted into the soil, it pushes away the soil around it, compacting that further, whereas a hollow coreing machine takes a clean plug of soil with no compaction.


We recommend hollow coreing your lawn once a year in the Spring or Autumn when the ground is soft, not too wet or hard.


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