Scarifying is traditionally carried out on lawns in the Spring and Autumn. It is the process of removing moss, and thatch ( A build up  of dead grass and other detritus) that prevents air, nutrients and moisture from reaching the soil and the roots of your lawn.


Traditionally spring lawn rakes are used but it is a very time consuming process. Take your rake out on your lawn and see just how much thatch and moss you can rake out before you get to soil level.


We use machinery which saves time and money not to mention back ache. Scarifying machines are extrememly efficient at removing moss and thatch from your lawn. You will be amazed at how much unwanted dead material is laying on your lawns.


If your lawn has a large amount of moss or is also spongey with a build up of dead material (Thatch), you need to call us in to scarify your lawn.


To improve the appearance and health of your lawn, we recommend scarifying once a year in the Spring or Autumn when the lawn is actively growing. 


Contact us today and let us get your lawn looking at its best!